Cumin-Cuminum cyminum

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Cumin Essential Oil Oral Drop

In this natural product, Chamomile, Sage, and vitamin B5 are used to reduce pain and inflammation of the gum and strengthen and heal it, so that the baby can grow the period of the teethe with minimal pain and weakness and anorexia and also parents can pass this period with minimal worry and stress. Chamomile helps to reduce inflammation by reducing anti-inflammatory effects, thereby reducing pain. Chamomile has nervine properties that make it supportive of the nervous system. It’s known to be a relaxing herb and to reduce pain in general. And it’s able to do this without the effects of sedatives.Also, Sage, with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, plays a role in protecting and improving the gum. Protein Vitamin B5 also has anti-inflammatory effects and penetration of the inflamed gum, stimulates the process of healing the pain...

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Cumin Essential Oil Soft Capsule (Weight Loser)

In traditional medicine, including Indian traditional medicine, cumin has been used in weight reduction compounds, which seems to be due to its thermogenic effects, which means that lipolysis breaks down by increasing metabolic rate in the body.The underlying cause of obesity and overweight is the imbalance between calories and calories consumed. Cumin causes fatty molecules (lipolysis) to break down due to increased metabolic rate in the body. Based on the results of recent researchs, Cumin essential oil can neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids.In a clinical study, the researchers concluded that Cumin had anti-epileptic effects similar to Sibutramine drug.In another study, the researchers concluded that taking Lemon and Cumin soft gels for 8 weeks in overweight people had beneficial effects in weight loss, and taking 75 mg in addition to weight loss also contributes to the improvement of metabolic profiles. ..

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Cumin Oil

In traditional medicine, Cumin has been used to treat bloating, dyspepsia and mothers breastfeeding.Cumin, due to the high vitamin C content, causes the immune system to function. Cumin because of the richness of vitamin E, is effective in the process of preventing inflammation of the skin, skin elasticity and delaying the aging process.In traditional medicine, Cumin also has been used in weight reduction compounds which means using it can lead to lipolysis break down by increasing metabolic rate in the body.Studies show that Cumin essential oil with the effect on smooth muscle of the digestive tract causes the removal of spasticity and bloating. It also acts as an antimicrobial agent for the removal of gastrointestinal infections.Studies show that Thymol in the Cumin stimulates the secretion of acid and digestive enzymes and bile and thus helps to digest the food...

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