Mango Slim BDA Capsule (Fat Burner)

New Mango Slim BDA Capsule (Fat Burner)

Various studies have shown that Mango seed extract improves multiple parameters related to obesity such as body weight, body fat, waist circumference and hip circumference. The active ingredients in this plant are anti-Diabetic, anti-Hypertensive and anti-fatty acids. Other studies have found that this product reduces blood sugar levels and controls levels of glucose-dependent enzymes and hormones in Diabetic obese individuals.

The Green Tea in this product is also very effective in treating obesity due to the heat generation and fat oxidation properties. Green Tea extract has positive effects on metabolism and antioxidant activity. In addition, Green Tea consumption reduces blood cholesterol, food intake, Leptin levels, and body weight.

Effect and safety of high-dose of Green Tea extract on weight reduction and changes of lipid profile were investigated on women with central obesity. Significant weight loss, as well as decreases in BMI,  were observed in the treatment group after 12 weeks.

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