Flaxseed Oil (Blood Cholesterol Reducer)

Flaxseed Oil (Blood Cholesterol Reducer)
The Flaxseed oil is rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids (such as alpha-Linolenic acid) and omega-6, which is an essential nutrient for body and reduces blood lipids, arteriosclerosis and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, Flaxseed oil is a great plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids for those who avoid fish in their diet.
Studies have shown that Omega-3 in this plant reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by inhibiting vascular inflammation and endothelial activity. The consumption of Flaxseed oil reduces blood lipids, and this mechanism also helps to protect the heart.
Flaxseed is the richest source of Lignans(SDG), which has an antioxidant effect.
In a clinical study among 56 patients, daily consumption of 6 grams of Flaxseed oil during the 3 months, resulted in a significant decrease in Cholesterol, Triglyceride, and LDL.
Detailed Specifications
  • Reducing blood cholesterol 
  • Reducing the risk of heart attacks 
  • Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9
Oil - 30 ml
3 times a day to eat a tea spoon full each time.
  • Its safety in pregnancy, nursing mothers, and in children under 12 years old has not been established.
  • Take precaution in the case of having skin diseases.
  • Avoid taking more than the recommended dose.
Not reported. In case of allergy symptoms, discontinue use and Consult a physician.
Not reported.

  • Keep from direct light and between 0-30 c in closed container.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • CE
  • IR GMP
  • ISO 9001
  • IFDA
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 10002
  • OHSAS 18001

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