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Melitropic Capsule (Alzheimer Improvement) New

Melitropic Capsule (Alzheimer Improvement)

Not only Lemon Balm is helpful in soothing nervous agitation, for centuries it has also regarded beneficial for memory. Acetylcholine (ACh) is the primary Neurotransmitter involved in brain activity and deficits in ACh levels and activity is one of the primary neurological factors in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Recent studies indicated that Lemon Balm stimulates the brain’s Acetylcholine receptors, so can control the Alzheimer's.A clinical study was conducted on patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's patients who were aged between 65-80 years old and were given Lemon Balm extract (A) or placebo(B). After four months of the study, the result was significant and meaningful and the levels of mild to moderate Alzheimer's were well controlled, in group A, as well as the anxiety and Irritability have been noticeably diminished...

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Saffron Alzheimer's Improver Capsule New

Saffron Alzheimer's Improver Capsule

In laboratory studies, the presence of Crocin in Saffron, which is the main ingredient of this product, has been shown to prevent the growth of neuronal death and brain atrophy.Increasing the level and activity of redox in the brain is the goal of many studies in treating Alzheimer's. The use of this product has a very effective effect on increasing the activity of the redox activity in the brain.Modifying effects of Saffron-based derivatives on glutamate and NMDA receptors have been proven in several studies and its effect is such as the Mamentin drug, however that these active ingredients have no side effects.In a study, 54 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease were divided into two groups and treated with Saffron capsules or Duplex capsules for 22 weeks. The stunning results of this clinical trial indicated that Saffron capsule has a similar effect to Dopedel capsules in improving symptoms. In addition, adverse effects in patients treated with Dopedysil was much higher than that of Saffron capsule group...

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Memorex Tablet (Memory Booster)

Flavonoids and Ginkgolides are responsible for the pharmacological effects of this medicine. Flavonoids in Ginko Biloba L. neutralize and deactivate toxic free radicals and Ginkgolides increase release of catecholamine and other neurotransmitters and stop their breakdown at the nerve endings and increase their efficacy. So, they play an important role in the treatment of nervous system disorders, such as depression and Parkinson’s by inhibiting the activity of Catechol O Methyl Transferase (COMT) and Mono Amine Oxidase (MAO) enzymes. Ginkgolides also have an antagonistic effect on Platelets Activating Factor (PAF), inhibit coagulation of blood and decrease the risk of harmful hypoxia in brain tissue in ischemic and embolic strokes. Furthermore, they slow down the process of nerve destruction in degenerative diseases...

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Kondor Majoon (Memory Booster)

Boswellia mixture was used in traditional medicine to enhance memory; and studies have shown that using Boswellia, increase learning speed. A study showed that Boswellia can enhance the structural formation of new nerve networks, So due to every neurodegenerative disease involves the destruction of these networks, including memory loss and loss of cognitive ability, use of Boswellia can boost memory and prevent from Amnesia. Mastic also has considerable effects on learning improvement; and in traditional medicine resources, using Mastic along with Boswellia are recommended for memory enhancement.Furthermore, Saffron has a beneficial impact on learning, concentration, memory, and age-related mental impairment. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics found that saffron improved cognitive function in study participants with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease..

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