Headache & Sleep Aid

Headache & Sleep Aid

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MigraineCut Spray New

MigraineCut Spray

This product is the result of 25 years of international researches that consists of various herbs extract such as lavender, Violet, Fennel, Coriander and Marjoram which the anti- Migraine effect of these herbs have been mentioned in Iranian traditional medicine. In addition to the positive and treatment effects for Migraine headaches, this product helps reduce the severity of other sorts of headaches.The benefits of this product include a wide range of drug absorption, painless, convenient and safe use, high and rapid absorption by the brain and the central nervous system.Changes in the diameter of the vessels of the head, the secretion of melatonin and, consequently, the adjustment of sleep and biological rhythms, decrease the amount of free nitric oxide, are the potentially powerful mechanism of actions of this product.More than 300 patients with Migraine were studied in a clinical trial which used this spray. About 96% of patients claimed that they have been able to control their headaches. Also, About 81% of patients have been treated definitively and patients acknowledged the removal of their Migraine headaches...

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Poppy Oil (Sleep Aid)

The relief and sedative properties of this product are due to the presence of more than 40 known types of alkaloid in Poppy oil. This oil has culinary and pharmaceutical uses, as well as long-established uses in soaps. Poppy seeds oil is highly palatable, high in vitamin E, and contains Opium alkaloids such as Morphine and Codeine in quantities of up to 400 mg/L. The oil of Poppy is extracted via cold press or pressing, which due to the low temperature of the process, there is no change in the composition of the oil. Also according to the Traditional medicine, the nature of Poppy oil is warm and cold in a moderate and humid environment. Rubbing it on the throat and on the sinuses, relieve cough and runny nose...

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Tanacetum Extract (Anti Migraine)

Serotonin receptors play an important role in the physiopathology of a Migraine. Parthenolide in Feverfew is a relative antagonist of serotonin receptors, preventing the binding of serotonin to its receptors and its cause anti-migraine effect.Also sesquiterpenes in the Feverfew extract, especially parthenolide, by inhibiting sulfhydryl groups inside or outside the cell, inhibit serotonin secretion from platelets and prevent platelet aggregation to prevent migraines.In addition, parthenolide helps to improve the disease by decreasing microglia activation by affecting the pre-inflammatory mediators associated with migraine attacks.The use of Feverfew for migraine treatment was assessed in a clinical trial, in comparison with placebo. based on results, treatment with feverfew was associated with a reduction in the mean number and severity of attacks in each two-month period and Feverfew indicated a significant improvement with no serious side-effects...

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Valerian Extract (Sleep Aid)

In Iranian medicine, Valerian has long been used as sedative, hypnotic, antidepressant and anticonvulsant.The presence of Valeric acid and Valproic acid in this herb, which is one of the strongest sedative compounds, has turned this product into a good alternative sedative chemical drugs such as Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines. In a study on 60 people with anxiety, Valerian and Diazepam drug were compared, which no significant difference was shown between the effectivness of both products.Biochemical studies also show that Valeric acid in Valerian inhibits the enzyme responsible for catabolism and GABA degradation, and so increases the concentration of GABA in brain tissues. Increasing the concentration of GABA in the brain reduces the activity of various brain nuclei and causes calming effects.The results of studies have shown that the compounds contained in the extract of Valeriana plant have an adenosine-like activity and activate the adenosine receptors. Activating these types of receptors will activate the pathways that ultimately induce sleep..

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