Lavender Essential Oil Oral Drop

Lavender Essential Oil Oral Drop

Detailed Specifications

  • Improves nervous system
  • Sedative

Oral drop - 15 ml
Lavandula angustifolia chaix
Take 3-5 drops in a glass of water or juice 3 times daily
Linalyl acetate and Linalool

  • Use this product preferably with lemon grass oral drops and in the case of magnitude of the stresses, together with Valerian produced by this company.
  • Since production of each kilogram of natural essential oils requires processing several hundred kilograms of lavender herb, hence resulting oil is highly concentrated and aromatic, and using only a few drops of it can help to maintain and to improve your health; but if you wish, you can frequently use, according to your taste.
  • Exposure of this product in cold environments, causes to the slower dropping. To revert to its original state, it is sufficient to put it in a warm area again.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • IR GMP
  • ISO 9001
  • IFDA

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