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Mouthwash (Antifungal)

This antifungal mouthwash is herbal-based (Ginger) Mouthwash that contains natural ingredients e.g. Gengerol and Shagoal. This Mouthwash has antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect so it is an effective treatment for oral thrush and denture stomatitis. Some studies have shown that patients are more satisfied with the Ginger mouthwash rather than the Nystatin and Fluconazole mouthwashes due to fewer side effects. In another, the effects of Ginger mouthwash and Nystatin mouthwash on the treatment of on 50 patients with denture stomatitis have been compared. During the two-week treatment, both treatments resulted in the recovery of denture stomatitis significantly. However, the mentioned treatments did not have any significant differences, but Ginger mouthwash has a preference because it is natural without the side effects of chemical products like Nystatin mouthwash.Antifungal medicines (Nystatin and Fluconazole ) not only have side effects but also taste bitter and its containing sweeteners will cause tooth decay.Ginger, has shown therapeutic role in health management since ancient time and considered as a potential Preventative agent.Furthermore, this mouthwash contains Vitamin E and Panthenol. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which stops the production of ROS forming and limiting free-radical production. Panthenol is a pro-vitamin B5 and it has humectant effect...

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Denta Barij Paste (Toothache Alleviation)

The use of Clove essential oil as an analgesic and local anesthetic in dentistry has continued to this day. Clove oil is used to treat symptoms of a toothache. The main component of Clove oil is Eugenol, which forms 60 to 90% of the essential oil that controls platelet aggregation in the tooth.Toothbrush Wood is used for over 1400 years in many countries. Recently, the World Health Organization has recommended the use of Toothbrush Wood as an effective ingredient for oral hygiene. Due to the anti- toothache effects of Toothbrush Wood, traditionally its extraction has been used. In comparison with the common washing solutions, the Toothbrush Wood extract has significant antimicrobial effects similar to sodium hypochlorite 5.25% and chlorhexidine 0.2%. Different parts of the plant, due to the presence of tannins, via preventing bacteria from sticking to the teeth, have an antimicrobial effect on a variety of microorganisms.Significant dosage of fluoride with other compounds in the Toothbrush Wood, Causes strong Anti-Tooth Decay properties.Also, Propolis is a mixture of resins collected by bees from different plants and its extract causes antimicrobial activity against bacterias. ..

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Thyme Essential Oil Spray (Anti Aphthous)

Thymol in thyme plants have strong antibacterial properties and prevents bacterial growth against bacteria Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, Streptococcus mutans, and lactobacillus that are the most important factors causing infections in gums and mouth.Thyme phenolic compounds such as thymol, by entering the lipid membrane of bacteria, increase membrane permeability and exiting potassium ion out of the cytoplasm, and consequently, cause to unbalance the ion balance and destroy it.Also this compound, by inhibiting production of enterotoxin and formation of colonies of bacteria, shows its anti-bacterial properties.Thymol and carvacrol in Thyme also inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungal species such as Candida spp by controlling the ergosterol biosynthesis.In addition, the compounds present in Thyme, by inhibiting the prostaglandin biosynthesis and inhibiting neutrophil migration, which are the causative agents of inflammation, show their anti-inflammatory effects and contribute to faster mouth aphthous ulcer healing...

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