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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Soft Capsule (Cold Symptoms Reliever)

Eucalyptus works effectively against respiratory infections Because this plant is antiseptic and. The medicinal properties of this plant owe a substance called Eucalyptol. Eucalyptus is an expectorant drug which application of its essential oil and leaves in the treatment of Bronchitis and cough has been approved by Germany E Commission. Aboriginal Australians used Eucalyptus to heal wounds, cure fungal infections, and as a fever reducer. In addition, Eucalyptus oil is a powerful anti-microbial, making it ideal for preventing the spread of bacterial and viral infections and also it is known to increases phagocytic activity, meaning that it can be used to boost the immune system...

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Peppermint Oil (Anti Nasal Congestion)

Peppermint is known as a medicine in most valid pharmacies. Peppermint is used to improve the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the oral and throat mucosa, headache and muscle aches. in a clinical study, when a peppermint oil and alcohol preparation was applied to the forehead and temples of 32 volunteers and compared to other preparations, there was a reported improvement of headache symptoms with this combination compared to other solutions.Also the expectorant action of peppermint oil can help clear symptoms of upper respiratory congestion that may stem from allergies, asthma, cold, flu, bronchitis, and etc. as well as it can make the breath easier during the cold.When Menthol (Peppermint active ingredients) is applied to the skin, simultaneously the nerves stimulate the sense of cold sensation and suppress the nerves to understand the sense of pain at the same time. The German Commission ٍE has confirmed the topical use of peppermint mint to relieve myalgia and neuralgia. The researchers also concluded that in the treatment of tension headaches, Mint is an acceptable and cost-effective alternative to oral hygiene.In one study, the use of Peppermint with placebo was compared; according to the survey of patients and measurements of temporal muscle activity, topical application of peppermint on the forehead and temporal regions caused a significant reduction in muscle tension. Additionally, the sensitivity to pain was reduced...

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Thyme Extract (Anti Common Cold)

Thyme contains high amounts of volatile oils that are highly antimicrobial and help to fight infection so it is a great remedy for cold. Also, the Germany Commission E has approved the use of Thyme to treat cough and Bronchitis. Thymol (the main ingredient in Thyme) causes disinfection of the upper respiratory tract. Other ingredients in the Thyme extract including flavonoids, with anti-inflammatory effects, eliminate the irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract. Thymol and Carvacrol have been shown to have a wide range of effects against bacteria involved in upper respiratory tract infections. It is believed that these active ingredients add antibacterial activity by creating a complex with bacterial membrane proteinsIn a study, 60 patients suffering from cough were receiving Thyme or Bromine-Hexin for a period of 5 days. There was no significant difference between the two groups according to the patient's disease symptoms, and both groups took the same benefits from taking medications...

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