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Jujube Barij Syrup (Blood Purifier)

This product is a combination of two Jujube and Thyme plants as an effective diluent of blood and blood pressure reducer which these points have been confirmed in numerous traditional medicine sources and modern medicine. The saponins and alkaloids found in Jujube fruit have been directly linked with purifying the blood and eliminating harmful toxins from the body’s systems. This antioxidant effect can help prevent a large number of diseases and also ease the stress on the immune and lymphatic systems. In addition, recent clinical studies have shown that Jujube and its active ingredients, such as Beta-Linic acid, reduce total cholesterol, LDL, Hypertension and partially Triglyceride.Also, the Thyme in this supplement reduces insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar, which can increase the effect of Jujube. All of these studies confirm that Jujube syrup is effective in the treatment of Metabolic Syndrome, which consists of 5 problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, glucose, Triglyceride, and LDL...

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Dill Essential Oil Oral Drop

Dill essential oil as a natural antioxidant can react with radicals resulting for oxidation of fats, reduces chain reactions and increases the oxidation time and reduces spontaneous oxidation and reduces cell damage and can act as an anti-cancer. From past, Dill has been used to reduce blood lipids. In a study on people with high blood lipids, the use of Dill essential oils caused a significant reduction in triglycerides and bad cholesterol. Dill essential oil increases lipoprotein lipase enzyme activity that changes the "VLDL" to "HDL" and thus leads to an increase in good cholesterol (HDL-C) levels.It has also been used in traditional medicine as a regulator and degreaser of menstrual periods. In addition, in traditional medicine, it has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory agent, which is effective in reducing bloating by reducing the production of gas as well as contributing to the removal of extra-gastric gas...

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Flaxseed Oil (Blood Cholesterol Reducer)

The Flaxseed oil is rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids (such as alpha-Linolenic acid) and omega-6, which is an essential nutrient for body and reduces blood lipids, arteriosclerosis and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, Flaxseed oil is a great plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids for those who avoid fish in their diet.Studies have shown that Omega-3 in this plant reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by inhibiting vascular inflammation and endothelial activity. The consumption of Flaxseed oil reduces blood lipids, and this mechanism also helps to protect the heart.Flaxseed is the richest source of Lignans(SDG), which has an antioxidant effect.In a clinical study among 56 patients, daily consumption of 6 grams of Flaxseed oil during the 3 months, resulted in a significant decrease in Cholesterol, Triglyceride, and LDL...

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Garlic Extract Syrup (Blood Pressure Reducer)

In recent decades, more than 2,000 clinical studies have been conducted on Garlic, and the results showthat Garlic lowers the blood pressure and is very effective in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, especially Atherosclerosis. The effective ingredients of the Garlic extract increase the production of Nitric oxide and dilate the vessels and reduce blood pressure. Garlic extract, due to its prostaglandin-like effects, also reduces vascular resistance, resulting in vasodilatation and reduces blood pressure.A clinical study on 98 Patient with high blood lipids and high "LDL" for 12 weeks in order to compare Garlic powder with Bezafibrate drug, showed that both drugs significantly reduced the "LDL" of the blood. Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of Garlic extract as a natural remedy without side effects reduces blood lipids and cholesterol and thus decreases blood pressure...

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Hyporex-B Tablet (Anti Blood Pressure)

Six groups of chemical drugs are currently used as Hypotensive drugs but cause adverse effects. Hibiscus extract has antibacterial, antioxidant, blood sugar and blood pressure lowering effect. These effects may be due to strong antioxidant activity, Alpha-glucosidase and Alpha-amylase inhibition and inhibition of Angiotensin- converting enzyme. In a clinical trial, anti-hypertensive effect of Hibiscus extract was compared with Captopril drug. Based on the results, Hibiscus managed to reduce systolic pressure from 139.05 to 123.73 mm Hg and diastolic pressure from 90.81 to 79.52 mm Hg, and there was no significant difference between two products. So Hibiscus extract can be used as anti-Hypertensive with no adverse effect that is common in chemical drugs...

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