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Atheromod-B (Arteriosclerosis Preventor)

Increased blood lipids, especially cholesterol, are a known global agent for increasing the risk of Atherosclerosis, a common cause of disease at old ages, and a major cause of death. Clinical information has shown that leaf extract of Artichoke reduces cholesterol or triglyceride roughly 5% to 45%. Also, Artichoke leaf extract Prevents from Atherosclerosis by inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol and the oxidation of LDL, or undesirable cholesterol.In a clinical trial on patients with type 2 diabetes and Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) who were resistant to daily treatment with 2 tablets of 5 mg of Glyburide and 2 tablets of 500 mg of Metformin, effectiveness, and safety of use of Artichoke-non-fiber extracts with these drugs was studied in comparison with placebo. Based on the results, the Artichoke extract significantly reduced total cholesterol and LDL in contrast with placebo. Hence, the researchers concluded that the use of this tablet (containing Artichoke extract) has no adverse effects of chemical drugs, reduces fat and blood cholesterol and therefore has a significant effect on reducing the risk of Atherosclerosis...

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Crataegus Drop (Blood Pressure Reducer)

Red Hawthorn with a set of flavonoids and procyanidins has antioxidant and inotropic positive effects and its primary activity is to increase coronary blood flow and dilate both peripheral and coronary blood vessels leading to its use in angina.Hawthorn’s positive inotropic action may also be due to inhibition of Myocardial Na+/K+ ATPase and its ability to inhibit the enzyme Phosphodiesterase (PDE) which ultimately results in an increase in intracellular cyclic nucleotides and a subsequent positive inotropic effect. Hawthorn also has Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) which has the ability to regulate blood pressure. In the largest trial to date, 80 patients with type 2 Diabetes, mean age 60 years, who had DBP(diastolic blood pressure) levels of 85-95 mm Hg, were treated with either Hawthorn extract or placebo for 16 weeks. The patients who were taken Hawthorn had a significant reduction in mean DBP after 16 weeks in contrast with those who were taken placebo(-2.6 vs +0.5 mm Hg, P = .035)...

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Olivin Tablet (Heart & Vessel Strengthen) New

Olivin Tablet (Heart & Vessel Strengthen)

In southern Europe, Olive leaves are used as a native remedy for Hypertension. Oleuropein is a phenolic compound extracted from Olive leaves and has significant antioxidant effects.Reduction of blood pressure by active components of the Olive leaf extract is associated with inhibition of Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), vascular dilatation, and calcium channel block.In a clinical trial, the effects of reducing blood pressure and blood lipids of  Olive leaf extract in comparison with Captopril in patients with stage 1 blood pressure was investigated. After 8 weeks of treatment, both groups showed a significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure than basal values, and the mean reduction in systolic blood pressure during the treatment period was  8.5±11.5 mm in Olive leaf extract and in the Captopril group was 7.6 ± 13.7 mm. Also, the mean reduction in diastolic blood pressure during the treatment period was 5.5 ± 4.8 mm in the Olive leaf extract and -5.2 ± 6.4 in the Captopril group.However, a significant reduction in triglyceride levels, total cholesterol, and LDL was observed only in the Olive leaf extract group...

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Veinovital Tablet (Blood Vessels Strengthen)

Horse Chestnut seed extract, via the strengthening of capillaries and blood vessels, not only prevents diseases such as Varicose veins and Hemorrhoids but also restores vascular injuries and inflammation and strengthens the walls of weak veins.Triterpene Glycoside mixture (Aescin) has an anti-exudative, vascular tightening effect and inhibits filtration of small molecule proteins, electrolytes and water into the interstitium by vascular permeability reduction and improvement of venous return flow, which prevents both and improves Hemorrhoids and Varicose veins.Horse Chestnut seed extract reduces the activity of lysosomal enzymes, which increases in chronic pathological conditions of the veins, thereby preventing the breakdown of mucopolysaccharides in the region of the capillary wall and inhibiting proteins to leak into the interstitium.One study showed that the use of this product could be as useful as Varicose socks for the treatment of Varicose veins in the leg...

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