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Acneherb Gel (Anti Acne)

Lavender is one of the most valuable oils for the treatment of acne. Lavender controls the bacteria that cause skin infections, soothe the skin, help balance the production of excess sebum, and reduce scarring.Also, Due to the desirable aroma, disinfectant and balancing effects of Rose Geranium, it uses in skin care products. In a clinical trial, 59 patients with acne, received this gel or Clindamycin gel for 4 weeks. Results showed that the percentage of reduction of the disease after 2-4 weeks with this gel was 48.8% and 76.8%, and for the Clindamycin gel, was 55.3% and 49.9%...

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Calendula Ointment (Anti Skin Inflammatory)

The ingredients in the Calendula plant extract, such as flavonoids, terpenoids, and carotenoids, improve skin inflammation, ulcers, sunburns, baby's urine burns, insect bites and skin dryness.The following results were obtained during several clinical studies:In term of reducing dermatitis which caused by radiotherapy, this ointment has equivalent effect as Corticosteroids, but do not have Corticosteroids long-term side effects.This ointment is significantly effective in reducing the severity of episiotomy ulcers and the need for pain reliever for women who have experienced their first birth. Dressing bedsore with this ointment, after washing it with a serum and drying it, can significantly heal the ulcers.Due to the beneficial anti-inflammation effects of this ointment (without side effects of Corticosteroids), it is a very suitable alternative for ointment containing Corticosteroids...

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Mycoderm Spray (Anti Skin Fungal)

Several topical and oral drugs, including Imidazole and amino acids, are used to treat this disease, which in some cases have been accompanied by a failure in treatment, complications and high relapse of the illness. Therefore, extensive efforts have been made to determine the natural treatment for this disease up to now. Artemisia has been used in traditional medicine as an antiseptic, analgesic and cough suppressant. Also, antibacterial, antiparasitic and antifungal effects of Artemisia essential oils has been reported in several studies.In a clinical trial, 68 patients with Tinea Versicolor were treated with Mycodermal lotion (37 patients ) or with Clotrimazole lotion (31 patients). After 2 weeks, the recovery rate was 71% in the Clotrimazole group and 91.9% in the Mycoderm group...

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