Menohelp Capsule (Menopausal Symptoms Remover)

New Menohelp Capsule (Menopausal Symptoms Remover)

For more than half a century, treatment with Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) has had beneficial effects on Menopause symptoms, but recently published clinical studies, the harmlessness of these materials for cardiovascular has been questioned, also increasing the risk of breast cancer has been mentioned. Therefore, efforts are being made to find alternatives to HRT.

Herbal medicines use as alternatives for HRT, should have no estrogenic effects on the breast and uterine tissue but have beneficial effects on menopausal symptoms and bones.

Based on studies, researchers reported that low levels of Black Cohosh extract as an alternative to HRT were effective in removing Menopausal symptoms without having side effects.

Also according to researches, Soy isoflavone is an effective and safe alternative to Menopausal women. In one study, 80 women with a mean age of 55 years, received standardized Soy extract with total isoflavone or placebo, and Menopausal symptoms were monitored for 10 months. After 10 months, there was a significant reduction in Menopausal symptoms (frequency of hot flashes and coumarin index) in women receiving Soy isoflavone compared to placebo.

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